Commercial Condensing Boilers100-1000KW

Commercial Condensing Boilers100-1000KW

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Boilers 100-1000KW
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  • Brand Name: ENERGY

    Model Number: Boilers 100-1000KW

    Place of Origin: China

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ENERGY commercial condensing boilers (Modular furnace) provide the high quality a steady stream of constant temperature of hot water not only for the hotel, bath center, swimming pool, give your customers 5 stars bath and comfortable guest room space, also minimize from early to late in use and maintenance cost and operation cost,.Choose the professional module furnace manufacturer - Germany Energy heating equipment manufacturing Co., LTD.

1. New energy-saving heating system-independent working mode.

The heating system is composed of several modules to provide heat as needed.Make full use of the superior performance of the module, the higher thermal efficiency, energy saving effect is more prominent, and each module can work independently, even a single set of module failure does not affect  the whole system work, need not backup boiler.

2. The stage start function gives a remarkable energy saving effect.

The ENERGY Commercial Condensing boiler system has the stage start function, which can automatically adjust the operation of boiler by the  temperature settings of the system.It will automatically start another set of modules when one module reaches its capacity , so as to ensure the output of the heat to match actual demand, to ensure that each module group run efficiently, to maximize also improves the thermal efficiency of the whole system running, and thoroughly solve the problem of energy waste in the operation of traditional boiler. At the same time, the control system automatically balances the working time of each module and extends the overall service life of the system.

3. Proportional combustion system to ensure high performance.

The boiler installed the advanced gas valve and the proportion of type electromagnetic high efficiency stainless steel burner, it will automatically adjust the output power and gas pressure base on the actual amount of heating , and real-time monitoring of gas supply pressure change; The secondary gas valve can monitor the combustion condition in real time to ensure the whole system is safe and reliable.

4. Central temperature control device makes a low running cost.

Central controller system equipped with the indoor temperature sensor and temperature sensor. After the two devices collect the in real-time signal of indoor environment temperature and heating temperature , it will send the information back to the central controller. The controller will automatically choose the suitable heating temperature curve and the best output water temperature, and also automatically control the number of modules in operation. Thereby, it will stable the indoor temperature and save lots of gas in the running operation.  

5. Unique design-Save sapce.

The modular furnace adopts unique design, which consists of several modules to form a heating system. Each system can be "a parallel connection" or "a series connection". The Unique detachable structure design is suitable for small space installation.

6. Multiple protection-Safe and reliable. 

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