Full premixed condensing gas boiler LL1GBQ24-32KW

Full premixed condensing gas boiler LL1GBQ24-32KW

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  • Brand Name: ENERGY

    Model Number: LL1GBQ24-32KW

    Place of Origin: China

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★ The world's leading Premixed Condensing Boiler.
★ Energy efficiency at the first level, thermal efficiency up to 107%.
★ Independent living hot water temperature sensor.
★ Boiler is not necessary to use flue gas analyzer for adjustment - reduce manual intervention.
★ Automatic matching of natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, no need to replace the burner and other parts.
★ Built-in variable speed circulation pump - energy saving, quiet and efficient.
★ Special stainless steel main heat exchanger - safe and reliable, long life.

Product details

★ Stainless steel main heat exchanger.

     The main heat exchanger is made of 304 stainless steel, which has extremely high corrosion resistance to the condensation water and effectively absorbs the heat released during the condensation process to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

★ Stainless steel burner. 

     The stainless steel burner adopts the unique cylinder design, which can form a low temperature "micro fire" state in the center of the combustion chamber, effectively reduce the generation of nitrogen oxides and reduce the emission of pollutants.

★ Premixed combustion

  Before the air and gas needed for combustion to enter the internal burner, the fan will be automaticly adjusted an ideal ratio to make the gas burning more fully.

★ Smoke heat waste recovery - energy conservation and environmental protection

    ENERGY Fully premixed condensing furnace contains the somke waste recovery to recycle the waste gas. Make the boiler thermal efficiency is greatly increased and reduce the emissions of NOx and CO.


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To be a leader in the heating industry, become a brand model in the field of heating.

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Serving customers and contributing to society.

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Integrity, innovation, dedication and win-win.

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Dedicated to heating industry, based on international and domestic heating market.

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Broad collection, innovation, industry direction.

Service philosophy

Better than commitment, with professional and grateful service customers.

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